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Pre-sale in-service

The company solemnly promises to provide users with sufficient, user-centered information services before sales. (Including: providing free technical consulting services, product quality and price comparison consulting services, coordinating with decoration design companies and related professions to do a good job in engineering construction design.) Accept user supervision and inspection throughout the process.

Specific Sales Process of Shanghai Mutual Margin Company

Introduce your products

We have a professional sales engineer, to introduce you to the product performance characteristics.

Preliminary design plan and quotation for you

We have a professional central air conditioning designer, according to your building structure, room area, usage habits and other requirements, for your preliminary design and installation program, provide preliminary proposal quotation.

Make final plan and quotation for you and coordinate with decoration company

We have a professional HVAC designer to investigate the capacity, form, power supply, decoration style, installation conditions of the system, and fully communicate with you and the decoration company and related professions to formulate detailed plans and final quotations.

Sign a contract with you

Use the scope of special engineering contract to sign sales and installation contract with you to ensure your legitimate rights and interests.

Installation and debugging for your specialization

Our professional licensed installation team will work closely with the decoration company and related professions in the installation process to ensure the quality and effect of installation by conducting covert engineering acceptance before the ceiling construction. After installation, strict on-site debugging and acceptance checklist are provided, and on-site use and operation training are provided for you, and acceptance data are submitted.

Provide you with after-sales service without worries

In the process of using, if you have any questions or problems, our after-sales staff will provide accurate and professional service at the first time to relieve you of worries.

After-sale service

After-sales commitment

Shanghai Muyuan is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, installation and after-sales service of household, commercial central air-conditioning, precision air-conditioning, ventilation, cold storage, heating, hot water, purification and smart home. It has won many praises from customers and has been rated as a well-known enterprise trusted by the industry. Our company has a complete team of technicians, senior technicians, HVAC engineers, senior engineers, supervisors and domestic well-known experts and consultants, which is the basic condition for us to win public praise in the past 15 years.