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HEPA filter

Product Introduction

Enterprises which specialized in producing the relevant products in the field of filtration and purification in China. 
With the advanced technique, continuously innovative and powerful science and technique research makes our products have been sold to various countries in the world such as Germany , UK, USA, Australia, European, Africa and Asia. Our successful products are as follows: HEPA filter, honeycomb activated carbon filter, humidifier filter,multilayer alluminum foil, photo catalyst filter ,antibacterial filter , ozen filter , air filter pad, activated carbon filter media, pocket filter, primary filter, Secondary filter HEPA & ULPA Filter and all different kinds of clean products and equipments used in the cleaning room and ventilation system of HVAC (heating & ventilation application).  We are still striving to improve ourselves and make our products better. We aim at proving you favorable products and professional service.

Hepa Air Filter in Purifier

1.can be customized
2.ISO.ROHS.CE certificate
3.hepa filter/carbon air filter

Material: PP,composite PP+PET material or fiberglass material

Specifications: produce according to customer requirements with OEM package.

1. Product Mix:HEPA + activated carbon honeycomb + initial efficiency filter cotton
2. Product Desription:HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) for the dust which is more than 0.3 micron,
the filtration efficiency can be as high as 99.97%, is a good air purification product.

HEPA can be divided into three materials:PP filter paper, glass fiber and composite PP + PET filter paper,
and it can be made into a variety of shapes according to customer requirements.

01- low wind resistance,
02- high dust holding capacity,
03- high filtration precision,
04-processed into various sizes and shapes according to customer needs, and suitable for different models.

HEPA is widely used in air purifiers, central air conditioning, clean plant and other fields, and it is used to remove dust and

Combine the HEPA and active carbon honeycomb together, it not only has the filter function to remove
dust and pollen, but also has the function of removal of formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene,