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Solution of central air conditioning in shopping malls
Aug 28,2019Author:
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Business and office buildings are indispensable in our daily life, and with the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for indoor comfort are getting higher and higher: a healthy and comfortable office environment can make you more relaxed at work, while a comfortable business environment can make you refreshing and pleasant when shopping and consuming. Large supermarkets and shopping malls are characterized by large traffic, large space, complex environmental patterns and so on. From the point of view of air conditioning system management and use cost, the following solutions are made:

1. Change the situation that the refrigeration energy consumption in traditional large-scale commercial places is serious and the operation cost remains high.

2. Requirements for energy efficiency are not high, environmental requirements are high and operating costs should be minimized.

3. The load of central air-conditioning varies greatly, and the range of cooling capacity adjustment is wide.

Scheme 1: High pressure centrifugal unit + screw unit + air conditioning box

1. High efficiency and energy saving, converting a small amount of electricity into more than 5.6 times the cooling capacity for providing cold water.

2, 5% - 10% ability to mediate micro-computer control, do not need manual processing.

3. Energy-saving operation cost is more than 10%.

4. Lixin unit is used for cooling in large cooling capacity section and screw machine is used for cooling in small cooling capacity section.

Scheme 2: Fixed-frequency centrifugal unit + Midea variable-frequency centrifugal unit + air conditioning box

1. High efficiency and energy saving, converting a small amount of electricity into more than 9.1 times the cooling capacity for providing cold water.

2. Microcomputer monitoring does not require manual management.

3. Save operation cost by more than 30%.

Scheme 3: High-efficiency frequency conversion centrifugal unit + combined air treatment unit + terminal

Gree high-efficiency frequency conversion centrifugal unit saves 40% electricity, especially suitable for commercial office space with larger space, the latest energy-saving technology, leading the new power of central air-conditioning energy-saving; this solution can be combined with combined air treatment unit, which can humidify, dehumidify, sterilize, deodorize, etc., to provide comfort and health for large and high-end shopping places. The shopping environment.

The whole system can be equipped with the remote intelligent service center management system, which makes the central air conditioning management more intelligent.

Scheme 4: High efficiency Centrifuge + fresh air dehumidifier + multi-connected air conditioning unit + frequency conversion multi-connected fresh air treatment unit

High efficiency and energy saving. Improve air quality. Intelligent control. Unique intelligent remote service.

In view of the large flow of people in shopping malls, the independent control system of temperature and humidity of high efficiency centrifuge and fresh air dehumidifier can be used to control temperature and humidity separately, which is more energy-saving than conventional system. The high efficiency centrifuge provides chilled water for the dry end and the pre-cooling section of the fresh air dehumidifier in the shopping mall. The dry end is responsible for the temperature control in the shopping mall. The fresh air dehumidifier is responsible for the supply and dehumidification of the fresh air.

DC frequency conversion multi-line + fresh air processor system provides air conditioning effect for office area while introducing outdoor fresh air. Multi-line is responsible for providing cold energy for office. Fresh air processor introduces outdoor fresh air into indoor, which guarantees the demand of indoor personnel for fresh air volume. At the same time, it combines the household accounting system to realize the humanized management of property.

The whole system also introduces group monitoring control and remote monitoring to make the system more energy-saving and more convenient to control.