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Smart Home Solution
Aug 28,2019Author:
Shanghai Mutual Margin Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates energy-saving renovation design, installation, maintenance and after-sales service of central air-conditioning in household, commercial central air-conditioning, precision air-conditioning, ventilation, cold storage, heating, hot water, water purification and intelligent home projects.

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Full Set of Solutions for Smart Home

Nowadays, many decorations involve smart home. What is smart home? What can smart home bring to us? Theoretically speaking, smart home is based on residential building. It integrates the facilities related to home life with integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home-system design scheme, security prevention technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology, and builds an efficient management system of residential facilities and family schedule affairs. Improve the safety, convenience, comfort and artistry of the home, and realize the environment protection and energy saving living environment. Windows will be "smart" when it rains, lights will be "smart" when it gets dark, security will work 24 hours, through mobile phones or the Internet can see any situation at home, we can even tell the electric cooker to cook at work.

After work, you can know the situation at home by mobile phone or computer, and then turn on the air conditioning and heating equipment that needs to be turned on remotely by mobile phone.

Back home automatic induction system makes the lights automatically light up, convenient lighting; when visitors visit or go home, the main light of "guest mode" in the living room slowly lights up, background music rings to welcome you, wall lights turn on, tube lights, lights turn on, electric curtains turn on automatically, TV sets turn on to the channels you need. Give you a comfortable home feeling; let your tired body relax after a busy day, and stretch your tense nerves. It feels good to go home.

Each room is a smart touch panel, which can combine scene control lights and appliances at will by touching lightly, and bring you a comfortable and convenient home environment.

Leaving home is just a "Leaving Home Scene" where all the lights and electrical equipment on turn off automatically. At the same time, the security alarm system starts. Avoid all worries about leaving home. All of this is what smart home can do for you.