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Solution of Central Air Conditioning for School Teaching
Aug 28,2019Author:
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Introduction With the increase of the state's investment in education year by year, the school environment has been significantly improved. A good learning environment is a prerequisite for a good learning state. How can students enjoy comfort in cold winter and hot summer? Interrelationship Refrigeration Engineering Solves All Your Troubles

Commercial Central Air Conditioning of Modular Air-cooled Chillers and Hot Water Units in USA

Mei-mei air-cooled heat pump module units can be widely used in newly-built and rebuilt industrial and civil construction projects, such as hotels, apartments, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, theatres, gymnasiums, factories, etc. They have higher requirements for operating noise and surrounding environment, lack of water or inconvenient installation of cooling towers. The beautiful air-cooled heat pump module unit is your ideal choice.

There are 25KW, 55KW, 60KW, 65KW, 130KW, 200KW and other capacity specifications for American air-cooled module units. Module units of various capacity specifications can be freely combined to form a series of 25KW-1040KW standard rotating products.

The American Air-cooled Heat Pump Module Unit adopts many patented technologies, such as high-energy efficient famous compressor, V-type high-efficiency heat exchanger, precise control of refrigerant flow and intelligent defrosting technology, heat recovery and digital stepless regulation, to ensure that the unit is always in the best state of energy-saving operation.

American air-cooled heat pump module units automatically adjust the number of modules and compressors put into operation according to the demand of air-conditioning load of users, so as to provide cooling and heating on demand and maintain economic operation status. When hot water is produced in summer, the energy-saving effect of the heat recovery air-cooled heat pump module unit in Meimei is increased by about 10%.

Main features:

Parallel Technology of Multi-Compressor (Digital Scroll+Fixed Frequency)

Unique Design of V-shaped Condenser

Precision Electronic Expansion Valve (PMV) Regulation Technology

Modular design, more convenient expansion

Two kinds of heat exchangers are optional, free and flexible

One Machine and Two Uses, Save Initial Investment

Intelligent and Rapid Defrosting Technology

System operation is safer

Indoor machine selection is more flexible