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Hotel Central Air Conditioning Solution: Design, Construction, Renovation, Maint
Aug 28,2019Author:
Shanghai Mutual Margin Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates energy-saving renovation design, installation, maintenance and after-sales service of central air-conditioning in household, commercial central air-conditioning, precision air-conditioning, ventilation, cold storage, heating, hot water, water purification and intelligent home projects.

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Central air conditioning is widely used in hotels and hotels. Because of the large indoor space and more rooms in hotels, the use of traditional air conditioning will lead to unbalanced regional temperature regulation, and occupy a large number of indoor space, making the room appear cramped, too many outdoor machines will also affect the external beauty of the building. View.

The application of central air conditioning solutions will solve these problems, so that hotels and hotels can adjust the temperature and improve the living environment of guests on the basis of not destroying the decoration.

There are two problems to be solved in the installation of central air conditioning in hotels: one is to adjust the temperature, the other is hot water. These two problems can be solved by central air conditioning. Some large central air-conditioners have heat recovery functions, such as air-cooled heat pump module, which uses air as cold and heat source, water as heat transfer medium, and with heat recovery function. It can use waste heat to heat domestic water, which can solve the problems of hotel refrigeration, heating and hot water.

When installing central air-conditioning in hotels, we recommend the scheme of air duct plus air energy and hot water or the scheme of air-cooled heat pump module.

Solution of Central Air Conditioning in Hotels and Hotels 1: Ventilator

Because there are many rooms in hotels and they are divided into smaller ones, each room needs to be controlled by itself. The air duct machine is a drag-and-drag type. It can be equipped with one in each room to solve the problem of controlling temperature separately. Adding air or hot water can solve the problem of water consumption in hotels and hotels. Initial investment of this scheme is relatively small, fresh air supply and winter humidification are easy to achieve, but indoor machines and air ducts occupy a certain space, there are certain requirements for floor height, external wall aesthetics will also be affected, and it is not easy to manage.

Solution of Central Air Conditioning in Hotels and Hotels 2: Air-cooled Heat Pump Module Machine

Air-cooled heat pump module machine is widely used in hotels, hotels, office buildings and other places, is a one-time solution to heating, cooling and hot water problems, but the initial investment is large. Modular machines can be connected to multiple mainframes in series to increase power and drive multiple indoor machines. At the same time, they have the function of heat recovery, and the daily water consumption in hotels can also be solved.