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Energy-saving renovation of central air conditioning
Aug 28,2019Author:

Shanghai Mutual Margin Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates energy-saving renovation design, installation, maintenance and after-sales service of central air-conditioning in household, commercial central air-conditioning, precision air-conditioning, ventilation, cold storage, heating, hot water, water purification and intelligent home projects.

Shanghai Mutual Margin Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in energy-saving renovation of central air-conditioning for nearly 10 years. We provide free system report of diagnostic problems of central air-conditioning, free design of optimization scheme of renovation of central air-conditioning, and free energy-saving report of central air-conditioning system.

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The energy consumption of central air conditioning and heating boilers is amazing!

If you own a five-storey, 80-room hotel building with an average monthly electricity bill of 30,000 yuan, you will spend more than 20,000 yuan on central air-conditioning and heating equipment.

Architecture is the "big energy user" in the whole society, while air conditioning and boiler are the "big energy user" in architecture.

Building energy consumption in public institutions can account for more than 70%, while central air-conditioning and heating equipment can account for about 60% of the total energy consumption of buildings. For shopping malls and large high-rise buildings, it may be as high as 70%. Central air-conditioning and heating equipment are the main energy consumption of buildings, so they have become the most important link in building energy conservation. It is urgent for air conditioning system and heating equipment to save energy and reduce consumption.

More than 30% of the power consumption of central air conditioning and heat pump is wasted!

30-40% of the electricity consumption of central air-conditioning and heating equipment is ineffective and wasted. High energy consumption has become a bottleneck restricting the healthy development of central air conditioning and heating equipment. It is urgent to solve the problem of high energy consumption of central air conditioning and heating equipment.

In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection by government departments and the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of human settlements, building energy conservation has become a major issue, and energy conservation of central air conditioning and heat pump systems has become the main field of building intelligent energy conservation. With the vigorous promotion of building energy conservation by the state, the development of air conditioning in China has entered the fast lane of low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving. Central air-conditioning and heating equipment as a major energy consumer, is the most important energy-saving goal.

How many central air-conditioning and heating equipment need energy-saving renovation and upgrading in China?

At present, the Ministry of Housing and Construction has initially identified nearly 40 cities in China as key cities for energy-saving renovation of public buildings during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, requiring each city to renovate its building area not less than 4 million square meters in the next two years.

Industry experts believe that after years of accumulation, the technology and equipment conditions of the whole industry are becoming mature. At present, the influence of the state's regulation of real estate and the withdrawal of industry stimulus policy has slowed down the market growth of air-conditioning industry, but it is expected that the future growth rate of air-conditioning intelligent and heating equipment energy-saving industry will reach 30%-50%.

Throughout the market, the market pattern of central air conditioning and heating equipment is still dominated by commercial use. There are nearly 500 million square meters of large-scale public buildings using large commercial air conditioning. It is expected that by the end of 2015, the market scale of building energy saving will reach 60 billion yuan, and that of central air conditioning and heating equipment will reach 24 billion yuan.

Which public buildings need to be upgraded for energy-saving renovation of cold and heat sources?

Single buildings: hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, guildhalls, schools, residential areas, office buildings, cinemas, theatres, government agencies, electronic factories, large public places.

Group building: urban supervision center, group enterprises, chain stores, banks and insurance companies, other chain stores.

Do you want to know quickly how much energy your building is wasting every day?

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